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I have three variables that may or may not contain data.

let's call them $name, $address and $telephone.

Let's say I want to combine them all into one var, $contact, each on a separate line.

$contact = $name.'<br />'.$address.'<br />'.$telephone;

$contact then gets put into an array. That array eventually goes through a foreach loop, not handling any vars that are equal to ''. How do I tell if the string is empty other than the two <br /> tags? I've tried copying $contact to $test_contact and running str_replace('<br />', '', $test_contact; but even when all the vars have been set to '' $test_contact == '' still evaluates to false. I've also tried trim() after str_replace() but that doesn't seen to work either. I've also tried using === but again, no luck.

What am I missing? Is there a better way to do this?


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check before inserting:

if ($name.$address.$telephone == '')

then is empty

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So simple! Thanks! –  Mark Mar 3 '12 at 14:24

Going the str_replace route should definitely work:

if(trim(str_replace('<br />', '', $test_contact)) == '') {
  echo 'empty';

But why don't you check before inserting it into your array?

if(strlen($name) + strlen($address) + strlen($telephone) == 0) {
  // don't insert
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if(strlen(str_replace("<br />", "", $test_contact)) === 0) {
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