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How can I highlight a word

I have a gridview and a textbox for searching text from a column. How can I highlight the result of the text in the column. I've searched and asked and I get hard things to code..would someone give me a simple code something ? thanks

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You could opt for a jQuery method instead: stackoverflow.com/questions/119441/highlight-a-word-with-jquery –  Scrooby Mar 3 '12 at 15:13

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I can give you an example.

Let say that the search box is:


Then you make the field on the Grid that show the data you won to highlight

<asp:TemplateField HeaderText="Text" >
    <ItemTemplate ><%#GetText(Container.DataItem)%></ItemTemplate>

And the code behind

protected string GetText(object oItem)
    if(txtSearchForMe.Text.Lenght > 0)
        return DataBinder.Eval(oItem, "cText").Replace(txtSearchForMe.Text, "<b>" + txtSearchForMe.Text + "</b>");
        return DataBinder.Eval(oItem, "cText");

This is a simple idea, you can make it more complicate by splinting the search string to array of separated words and highlight them all.

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