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I am reading this monad tutorial. I am trying to implement Sheep that will work with this tutorial.

I tried this

-- No Sheep or Name, Father Sheep, Mother Sheep
data Sheep = Nothing | String Sheep Sheep

but it isn't working.

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The first part of a constructor definition is the name of the constructor. The types of its arguments come after that. Also if a constructor has no argument, the name isn't followed by anything, so no "Nothing". So if we were to name your constructors "NoSheep" and "Sheep", it would be:

data Sheep = NoSheep | Sheep String Sheep Sheep
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sepp2k translated your specifications correctly, but the tutorial says something different than you:

We would certainly want to know the genetic history of all of our sheep, so we would need mother and father functions. But since these are cloned sheep, they may not always have both a mother and a father!

The easiest way would be:

data Sheep = Sheep String (Maybe Sheep) (Maybe Sheep)

But I think the recod syntax would be clearer here, and give you the necessary methods for free:

data Sheep = Sheep { name :: String
                   , mother :: Maybe Sheep
                   , father :: Maybe Sheep

However this allows the possibility that a sheep has neither mother nor father. The easiest way to avoid this possibility would be to simply enumerate all cases:

data Sheep = SheepWithMother String Sheep 
           | SheepWithFather String Sheep
           | SheepWithMotherAndFather String Sheep Sheep

mother (SheepWithMother _ m) = Just m
mother (SheepWithMotherAndFather _ m _) = Just m
mother _ = Nothing

father (SheepWithFather _ f) = Just f
father (SheepWithMotherAndFather _ _ f) = Just f
father _ = Nothing

You could also use the Or data type defined here:

data Sheep = Sheep Int (Or Sheep Sheep)

Similar to our own version, Or a b has the three constructors Fst a, Snd b and Both a b.

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