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[<input id=​"unit_quantity_0" name=​"lines[0]​[quantity]​" placeholder=​"Quantité" type=​"text" value=​"23,60">​
,<input id=​"unit_quantity_2" name=​"lines[2]​[quantity]​" placeholder=​"Quantité" type=​"text" value=​"5,60">​]

How do I change the ',' in values to '.'

$("[id^=unit_quantity_]") returns the array.


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You have an array of DOM elements. The <input id=​"unit_quantity_0".... is just their textual representation in the console. $("[id^=unit_quantity_]") does not return an array but a jQuery object. You can use jQuery methods to manipulate the selected elements (which is the whole point of jQuery). See also: replace all occurrences in a string. –  Felix Kling Mar 3 '12 at 16:22

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How about:

$("[id^='unit_quantity_']").val(function (i, old) {
    return old.replace(/,/g, ".");

Example: http://jsfiddle.net/andrewwhitaker/325We/

Using the overload of .val that takes a function that lets you describe how to replace the old values.

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    var $this=$(this);
    $this.val( $this.val().replace(/,/g,'.'));
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