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I have the following gsp page:

<g:def var="incidentMngmntId" value="${incidentMngmntInstance?.id}"/>
<g:link controller="ticketMngmnt" 
        action="list" params="[incidentMngmntId : incidentMngmntId]"
        id="${incidentMngmntInstance?.id}"> Tickets

The generated URL is as follows


Which is fact is not what is intended. (My intention is to generate a pair var=value as get or post.)

At the ticketMngmnt controller I have the following code which cannot catch the value of the parameter.

 def list = {       
    def incidentMngmntId = params.incidentMngmntId
    println "params.incidentMngmntId " + incidentMngmntId


and of course it is always printing

params.incidentMngmntId null

The question is twofold: First, is possible at the gsp level to generate a link of the form http://localhost:8080/smtool/ticketMngmnt/list?incidentMngmntId=94 (or a to give the par var=value as post)

Second, if not -the link remains as http://localhost:8080/smtool/ticketMngmnt/list/94 - then the question is how to read the value 94 at the controller.

Thanks a lot in advance.


PS: BTW, the value 94 is correct

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I got it running now. I would like to close this question because it is no more relevant. – Luixv Jun 5 '09 at 8:32
If you got it running please 'answer' your question and mark the answer as correct. – Robert Munteanu Jun 5 '09 at 9:17
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The posted code is correct as it is. I just restarted the server and that was.

The only think to be changed is the unnecessary id at the link

<g:def var="incidentMngmntId" value="${incidentMngmntInstance?.id}"/>
<g:link controller="ticketMngmnt" 
    action="list" params="[incidentMngmntId : incidentMngmntId]">


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