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I'm new to NFC, I've read http://developer.android.com/guide/topics/nfc, but it's really confusing for me, because the examples are quite messy for beginners.

What I need to understand: 1. What function/syntax to read (yes, just READ) from NFC tag? 2. Where should I put that function/syntax? (android manifest/ .java?)


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Android will read automatically the content of tags formatted according to the NFC Forum standards. The data read from such a tag, in the form of an NDEF message, will be delivered to your app in an NDEF_DISCOVERED Intent. So for such a tag there is no real need for your app to communicate with the tag directly itself.

If you want to communicate with a tag that does not follow the NFC Forum standards, than it depends somewhat on the actual tag how to do this. A couple of examples, for commonly used tag types, can be found at http://nearfieldcommunication.com/developers/android/

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Check out this Eclipse plugin for creating NDEF messages. I suggest you start with an NDEF message with an Android Application Record and a Text Record.

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