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I have a function webResultTotal This function is related to a number which can be anything from 0 to a billion. I also have an ul with up to 500 li items. I would like the following to happen on keyup:

if webResultTotal is 500 or less, then show the amount of li items related to the number given by webResultTotal

if webResultTotal is more than 500 show all of the li tems which is 500 in total.

I hope this make sense..I googled for it but found no simple Jquery way of doing this.

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I think you want this:

$('li:gt('+((webResultTotal <500)?webResultTotal:500)+')').hide();
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Based on your question which I interpret as "don't show more than 500 li" all you would need is:

$('li:gt(499)').hide(); /* if there are less than 500 this will fail quietly*/

If you are trying to ask for more advanced behavior it is not clear in question

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Hi I will test this later (no time right now..) But do you think that if "webResultTotal" = 347 it will show 347 li items, instead of 499..? I dont see that happening but I could be mistaken. – Youss Mar 3 '12 at 17:13
that is correct, and the 499 is index which is zero based, so will show 500 – charlietfl Mar 3 '12 at 17:29

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