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I'm converting an iphone app to an ipad app. I've changed the project's build target from "iphone" to "ipad" and the app compiles, builds, runs and displays the way I want it to.

However, I've noticed that some parts of Storyboard still believe this is an iphone app. For example, when I try to build a segue, it only offers me the "push" "modal" and "custom" options. A newly created ipad project also offers the "popover" and "replace" options. Similarly, this converted app does not offer me the possibility of a Split View Controller.

So is there a setting or some way to get this "iphone" -> "ipad" app to have the full ipad storyboard options without restarting the project and copying everything over?

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I find this that could help… – Luc Jun 14 '12 at 19:23

I had a similar problem to this awhile back. I fixed it by clicking on my main project on the navigation panel. If you go to summary and look under the iOS Application Development you will see a spot that asks which devices your app is targeted to. Make sure this is switched to universal

Next create an iPad storyboard under File > new > File... > User Interface > Storyboard > set Device Family to iPad (It sounds like you already did this though). Make sure you call it something different then your iPhone storyboard.

Lastly go back to your project settings and scroll down to the iPad Development Info you will see a drop down titled Main Storyboard. Make sure that is set to your newly created iPad storyboard.

If this still is not working for you the Standford ItunesU iOS course has a lecture on converting iPhone applications to universal ones.

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