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I am using network.request in corona sdk, i build a string for the url but when this string has spaces, spanish acents, arabic char, japanese char etc...it gives me an error (bad url). How can i solve this problem? Thanks.

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Even better than removing the letters is to escape the URL using percent encoding. Since Lua only supports 8-bit strings, I guess that the international characters are encoded in something like UTF-8 and your server supports it. Then, you can use the following function from Programming in Lua to escape the URL:

function escape (s)
  s = string.gsub(s, "([&=+%c\128-\255])", function (c)
        return string.format("%%%02X", string.byte(c))
  s = string.gsub(s, " ", "+")
  return s
--> http://server/a%C3%A1%C3%A4bc%C4%8Dd%C4%8Fe%C3%A9...
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Remove the strings, spanish chars, etc from the url you build. Urls can't have those characters.

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