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I set up a JavaBridge api over a Tomcat server. All right, it works well.

But I've got a specific need, I have Java classes to call from PHP and I haven't found any documentation about this.

Each java class is in a different file, do I have to include the files in a xml manifest or something like that ? Classes do have to be compiled or not ? (I think so but..)

Typically I would like to do :

    import com.test.Test;

    $obj=new Test();

Thanks a lot.

EDIT (solved):

Tutorial very interesting.

  1. compile the java class and put it in a jar and thinking about the folders due to packages.
  2. Put the jar into the WEB-INF\lib folder
  3. Call the class
  //java_require("Test.jar"); //Deprecated !!!
  $obj=new Java("com.test.Test");
  echo $obj->getMessage();
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Possible duplicate – dotoree Mar 3 '12 at 18:19
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You need to do something like:

    $obj = new Java("com.test.Test");
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