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[[UIApplication sharedApplication] 
                openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"tel: 14165551212"]];

calls a phone number on the iPhone. What other things can we do, though? I'm trying to make a simple app that has a list of phone numbers. It dials the first one in that list, and re-dials if it is engaged. Is this possible?

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You can certainly open a link in Safari. It should also be possible to go to the Mail app and create an email. I heard that you can also go to the Messages app.

And, I don't think that what you described is possible. Your app can't do much from the background. And I'm pretty sure that it can't control/monitor any other apps(including Phone), so it will not be possible to re-dial it.

Hope it helps

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What you are describing is partially possible starting with iOS 4.0 and even better with iOS 5. You may initiate dialling a number from your app with telprompt URL schema and when iOS finishes with the call it will open your app again, see Stackoverflow answer

What is problematic is getting the result of the call: whether it was successful or engaged, etc. You may want to have a look at CTCallCenter class reference.

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