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this is how I'm getting the stats now: echo -e "stats\nquit" | nc 11211

I can't use expect as it's not part of a default installation.

Is there a way to get memcached stats without nc?

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You care about "default installation" on which OS, precisely? (Not everyone has /dev/tcp compiled in by default... nor, for that matter, telnet) –  Charles Duffy Mar 4 '12 at 1:17

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Your question doesn't specify why you're looking for an alternative to netcat, so it's hard to to tell what you're looking for. You could do it in bash like this:

exec 3<>/dev/tcp/
echo -e "stats\nquit" >&3
cat <&3

You could do it using telnet:

(echo -e 'stats\nquit'; sleep 1) | telnet localhost 11211

The sleep is to precent telnet from exiting before receiving a response from memcached.

You could also write something simple in python or perl or some other high level scripting language. Or brush up on your c. There are lots of options.

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Another, possibly simpler way, is with the memcached-tool script. It came installed with my installation of memcached 1.4.5 via yum, but under apt and ubuntu I didn't get it. I found it here and put it on my system: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/memcached/memcached/master/scripts/memcached-tool

on the server, type the following to get memcached stats: memcached-tool stats

or the following to get slabs: memcached-tool

assuming your server is listening on port 11211 and IP (set config options at /etc/sysconfic/memcached)

article: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rhel-fedora-linux-install-memcached-caching-system-rpm/

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