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I started working on a project which uses Net_URL_Mapper from PEAR (php) as the router. For some reason URLS like the following seem to create a problem to the package classes. Think it's a bug but not sure (haven't looked around for it yet).

example URL : /login/?q=somevalue

Sample code

$m->connect('/login/:action/', array('control' => 'login','action'=>'default'));

The question is: have u used Net_URL_Mapper and had this problem? Did you solve it? Am i doing something wrong with the above path?

Is there an other routing package (or framework) which you could suggest that is simple (low learning curve) and could easily replace net_url_mapper without much trouble (requiring too many changes) ?


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    array('control' => 'login','action'=>'default'));

Would expect a url like this:


Following would route to the action default


This would route to controller login, action opinid and it would pass username Foo as $_Get variable

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