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I am looking for a piece of software to allow me easily create the database mode for an existing MySQL database

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You can dump the database schema to SQL using the mysqldump command.

mysqldump {databasename} --no-data=true -u {username} -p  > database_schema.sql
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If you use mysqldump with the --no-data option, you can extract the schema from the old database. There can be issues with views using this method, see this article for a workaround.

You can copy a schema in this way with something like this:

mysqldump --opt --no-data olddatabase | mysql newdatabase
share|improve this answer is still in Beta (depending on your Operating System), but can be a handy tool for exploring the schema of databases - there is a free version to.

Use mysqldump on your DB as the other answers state then import the resulting file into this program.

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phpMyAdmin is my go-to MySQL non-command line management program. Comes with most installations of MySQL on web servers and WAMP, MAMP, and LAMP configurations. It's about 95% of what I need when dealing with developing DB apps on top of MySQL, and has easy export options to handle your request.

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I have been using HeidiSQL for many years for creating/managing and migrating MySQL databases. It is free and can make copying structures or entire databases between different hosts a breeze.

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