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I'm used to regular expression syntax which allows for “named matches” from the search string to be used in the construction of the replacement term. For example…

@property (strong) NSWindow *window; ➜  @pr.*\*  
➜ @property (strong) NSWindow 


@property (strong) NSWindow *window; ➜  @pr.*\*(.*) ➜    
$1 ➜ window;

Ya, know… the first set of (…) is $1, second (…) is $2, etc…

Xcode does match the search string… but how can I filter the query string / pass the result to... the "Replace" portion of Xcode's "Search and Replace" function?

Regex matches dont seem to work in xcode.

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Use a backslash instead of a dollar sign. \1 matches the first group, and so on.

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This does work.. however, it doesn't "traverse" more than one line. That, I suppose, is an issue for another question, though… Cheers. –  alex gray Apr 8 '12 at 16:35
What do you mean by "traverse"? –  Itai Ferber Apr 8 '12 at 17:33
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