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It's very simple task, but somewhere is a mistake.. I can't find out it.

function get(obj) { return document.getElementById(obj); }
var SomeObj = {
    hide: function() {
        if(parseFloat(get("wr_st").style.opacity)>0.45) {
        } else {
    show: function() {
        if(parseFloat(get("wr_st").style.opacity)<1) {
        } else {
    fade: function($wt) {
        if($wt==1) {
        } else if($wt==2) {

So, I have an input (type=text). With attributes:


Onblur doesn't work. More precisely, this doesn't work:


If I'll place here for ex.: alert('NOOOO'); it will be always in process, because opacity+=0.5 doesn't work.. Can you help me: WTF is that & why it doesn't work? Thank you..

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have you tried converting .opacity into an integer like so: get("wr_st").style.opacity= parseInt( get("wr_st").style.opacity ) + 0.05? – Yaniro Mar 3 '12 at 22:11
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You are adding a number to a string, which will convert the number to a string rather than converting the string to a number. If the current value is for example "0.7" you end up with "0.70.05" instead of 0.75.

Parse the string before adding:

get("wr_st").style.opacity = (parseFloat(get("wr_st").style.opacity) + 0.05).toString();

(This of course is repeating the get call and the parsing more than neccesary, you can store immediate values in tempory variables to make the code less repetetive.)

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