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I started creating a custom library that i would load for checking if user is logged in and also for registering users. Registration not started yet, but that's not important...

here's the problematic part.. it WON't set cookies:

$some_value= 'asd';
$some_cookie_array = array(
                          'name'   => 'some_name',
                          'value'  => $some_value,
                          'expire' => 86500,
                          'secure' => TRUE

here is the full code for now: codepad.org/FILlq2qR

This is how i call the library and check if user is logged in:

$login_data = $this->user_management->login();

Any help is more than welcome!


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Might i add that I'm still new at CI –  Karington Mar 3 '12 at 22:23
check out this link only4ututorials.blogspot.in/2014/08/… –  Mohit Jain Aug 2 at 15:59

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Someone on the CodeIgniter Forum helped. The reason was that I was using 'secure' => TRUE which is only for https.

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I had enabled CSRF protection, but was not using CI's form helper (manually setting the hidden field). CSRF wasn't working for me because of my cookie settings were set to 'secure' => TRUE. Your tip helped fix that! –  Hamman Samuel Jan 10 at 18:31

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