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On my website, www.johnshammas.com, it works perfectly in all browsers. Except...anyone that has viewed the previous version on Chrome is stuck with that version until they empty their cache. What would cause the website to return a "not modified" header when in reality it has been modified heavily?

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You should look at the headers being sent with the pages and check if they aren't the cause of the problem. If you don't understand the headers mean, admend your question to include them. –  Dan D. Mar 3 '12 at 23:27

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A few possible solutions go like this...

No 1 (Permanent)

No 2 (Semi-Permanent)

  • Switch to Incognito mode via Ctrl + Shift + N. But watch out as this also ends your session.

No 3 (One-Time)

  • Ctrl + Shift + Del > Confirm

No 4 (One-Time)

  • F12 for Dev Tools > Network Tab > Right Click content area > Clear browser cache > Confirm.
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If a 304 Not Modified response was returned, it was because earlier the server sent a response with an ETag or a Last-Modified header.

Later, the browser sent this value as an ETag or If-Modified-Since header. The server recognized the ETag or date such that the resource had not changed since the browser last requested it.

So it returned a 304.

If you are not familiar with these or other cache headers, I recommend doing some research on them. There are many great tutorials on what these are and how to use them.

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