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What I know so far is that the runtime headers are inside the framework folder, and that you must class-dump your idevice to find the springboard headers. But what is the difference? I am working on a tweak and I don't know what headers to use, so this is confusing me a bit. For instance, if you want to add an object to the statusbar, what headers should I use?

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You are correct, you will need to class-dump the SpringBoard headers or use an already dumped set such as this one: https://github.com/Fr0stDev/SpringBoard-iOS5-Headers

As for which header to use, that usually involves doing some digging around. I'd suggest starting with SBStatusManager.h

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I haven't tried to do this (add item to the status bar), but you also might want to look here for UIStatusBarServer. This class is not part of Springboard, per se, but appears to be part of the UIKit framework. It appears to have a method to addStatusBarItem. If I had to guess based on its name, it might be a framework service that listens for clients to add things to the status bar, which is what you want to do.

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