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I've selected the following element. What's the best way to get the class name icon_23123?

<div class="icon icon_23123"></div>

Is there something like [class^="icon_"] to select attributes instead of elements? Or should I get all the class names, and loop through to find one that begins with icon_?

EDIT: I want to write a function that gets any class name starting with icon_, and only those class names. Ultimately, I want to get the portion after the underscore, but it's not necessarily numeric- my plan was to use a regex (these class names are regular.)

EDIT2: The element I'm trying to get the class name from is already selected, I just need the class name from it (not every element in the document with a class="icon_.....")

EIDT3: My real problem was that I mixed data and styling. Since I don't care to support older browsers, I'm using data-id to hold the id of this datum.

<div class="icon icon_23123" data-id="23123"></div>
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If you use classes to store data, HTML5 has a more convenient way to attach data to an element: data- attributes. For example:

<div class="icon" data-id="23123"></div>

Then you can read the attribute either directly:

var id = myelement.getAttribute('data-id');

or use jQuery's data() getter to read data entry:

var id = $(myelement).data('id');

Modern browsers also support the native dataset property object:

var id = myelement.dataset.id;
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I am using the class for styling, but your suggestion is helpful. –  Thalecress Mar 4 '12 at 0:27
You can attach individual styles to element via attribute selector: .icon[data-id="23123"], thus using data- attribute for both purposes. –  Marat Tanalin Mar 4 '12 at 12:27

use .attr() combined with .each():

$('[class^="icon_"]').each(function () { console.log($(this).attr('class'); });

This passes all elements which have a class name that starts with icon_ and pass it to the each function. You can then access the attribute of the element using .attr. If you only need to access the nth element, you could use $('[class^=icon_]:eq(n)').attr('class')

edit (answer to comment):

var classes = $(selectedElement).attr('class'),
    iconIndex = classes.indexOf('icon_'),
    iconIndex2 = classes.indexOf(' ', iconIndex),
    theClassName = classes.slice(iconIndex, (iconIndex2 > -1) ? iconIndex2 : undefined)

API documentation: each attr

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But there are 2 classes on the selected element. I only want the class name that begins with icon_. –  Thalecress Mar 4 '12 at 0:21
late here (my brain hurts ^^) ;) better than looping through the classnames should be a combination of indexOf and slice - this should do the job :) –  terabaud Mar 4 '12 at 0:56

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