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Currently I'm generating basic table with PHP

        <table id="list" class="display">   
                <tr id="hdr">
                    <th><input type="checkbox" id="check_all"/>  ID</th>
                    <th>Ref. No</th>
                    <th>Stack NO</th>
                    <th>Add Date</th>

                $result = $db->query("SELECT * FROM  `items` ORDER BY id DESC");
                if ($result->num_rows > 0) {

                    while ($row = $result->fetch_object()) {
                        echo '<tr url="?page=item&id=' . $row->id . '">
<td class="item_id"><input type="checkbox" name="checkbox[]" method="post" value="' . $row->id . '" class="checkbox"/>    ' . $row->id . '</td>
<td> ' . $row->refno . '</td>
<td style="text-align:center">' . $row->color . '</td>
<td style="text-align:center">' . $row->size . '</td>
<td style="text-align:center" id="qt">' . trim($row->qt) . '</td>
<td style="text-align:center">' . $row->stackno . '</td>
<td style="text-align:center">' . $row->price . '</td>
<td>' . date('d.m.Y', strtotime($row->add_date)) . '</td>

Then applying datatables into this like that

 oTable= $('#list').dataTable( {       
        "bJQueryUI": true, 
        "iDisplayLength": 25,
        "aaSorting": [],
        "aoColumns": [ 
            "bSortable": false
        null, null, null,null,null, null, null
    } ).columnFilter({
        sPlaceHolder: "head:before",
        aoColumns: [    null, null, null,null,null, null, null,
            type: "date-range"


There is very big problem:

Currently my table has about 2000 rows. It takes very long to generate and load whole table. (At first it generates then applieas datatables) How can I modify this script to get contents via ajax page-by-page?

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There are fully documented methods and examples in datatables API for using json data for dynamic tables using either local or server source

Even the download package includes these examples

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Agreed; all the examples are there. My first project with DataTables used server-side and I never thought of it as hidden; I looked for it and it was right there: – Greg Pettit Mar 4 '12 at 1:31

It would seem you need to take advantage of Pagination. A quick peak at the documentation for dataTables shows that it provides inherit support for this.

There's a fully functional example that shows you exactly how they acheived pagination and can be found here.

Good luck.

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It's not just pagination, it's the whole server-side functionality. Getting hung up in the details of pagination itself would be to miss out on everything else that's needed for server-side processing. – Greg Pettit Mar 4 '12 at 1:30

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