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IKImageBrowserView provides a multi-image view much like Finder (in fact, a class-dump shows that Finder uses it internally). And there's a constant IKImageBrowserQuickLookPathRepresentationType which allows you to provide paths or URLs to the browser view, which it displays as Quick Look previews.

However, these previews aren't like the "icon"-style previews that Finder displays:
Finder style

But rather a larger preview:
plain preview

Is there a way to make IKImageBrowserView use the icon preview style, with the curled document corner and such?

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There is no public way to do that directly (using IKImageBrowserQuickLookPathRepresentationType) so you will have to produce the image yourself using QLThumbnail API (kQLThumbnailOptionIconModeKey) and feed that to the IKImageBrowserView.

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