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Ok so I will start off with saying this. Using the application "Fiddler" I can save a HTTP raw response as a text file. Then using the "AutoResponder" tab I can do something like this:

URI: File: c:\raw_response.txt

And my application will connect to "" and always get that file.

I want to do that, but not using fiddler. I want to do this via a C# application either using the fiddler core, or just pure C# (if possible I would prefer this).

I have looked at the fiddler API and Docs but it is not very clear, and it seems to be all over the place.


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Hi, i was wondering if you can share the solution with me, cus i have the same problem and i couldnt figure it out. Thanks. – Krazii KiiD Aug 18 '14 at 10:02
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Turns out after contacting fiddler they said its not possible with how I want to do this. I would need the fiddler application it self.

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