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When my application opens a SQLite database, a message is written to the log similar to the following:

dbopen(): path = /data/data/myApp/databases/myDb.s3db

Although I know that people with an unrooted phone will not be able to access that part of the system, I don't particularly like that the path is displayed for anyone to see who might glance at the logs. Plus, people with a rooted phone COULD access the database and it may contain sensitive information.

I know, I know, I should encrypt sensitive data - and I do. The question remains, however, does anyone know how to disable that log message? I haven't yet found a way.

I thank all of you in advance.

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I'm not too sure why you're worried about if someone with root, because that won't stop ANYONE with root (disabling the log). It's not hard to just CD into your folder, I have hacked many games in this way.

Just use data structures and save to a file...To my best knowledge you can't disable SQLite logging.

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