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$query = $this->db->query('SELECT * FROM feeder_categories');

        $result = $query->result();

        $cat = '';

        print $category;

        foreach ($result as $row) {

            $selected = '';

            if($row->Category_Term=$category){$selected = 'selected="1"'; print $row->Category_Term;}

            $cat .= "<option value='" . $row->Category_Term . "' ".$selected.">" . $row->Category_Label .



The database looks like this (According to phpMyAdmin)

id  Category_Term   Category_Label
1   Film            Film & Animation
2   Autos           Autos & Vehicles
3   Music           Music
4   Animals         Pets & Animals
5   Sports          Sports
6   Travel          Travel & Events
7   Shortmov        Short Movies
8   Videoblog       Videoblogging

Yet the script says that $row->Category_Term is sports every single time it cycles through the list. Its returning $row->Category_Label properly though.

This was working perfectly fine on an Xampp dev server. It was then moved to a nginx vps for release, and this stupid error showed up.

Any help?

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You're assigning to the category here instead of comparing:


Equality is done in PHP with a double-equals, so change it to:

if($row->Category_Term == $category)
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And, of course, there's === for strict equality/identity, which is generally better. –  minitech Mar 4 '12 at 4:30
So why did it work on my devolopment server? Weird. –  iargue Mar 4 '12 at 4:33
Answered. Will mark as answered in 8 minutes. Thanks :) –  iargue Mar 4 '12 at 4:33

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