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I have a user logged-in header which shows a greeting, a thumbnail of the user's profile picture (always a fixed size - 30x30) and a logout link. There are vertical separators between each piece of text and the photo.

<span>Hello [username]</span>
<span class="divider"></span>
<img src="/photo.jpg" />
<span class="divider"></span>
<a href="/logout">Logout</a>

Here is the result I am going for:

Desired result

.. but the height of the picture pushes all the other elements 'down' so I get this:

Actual result

How do I align these vertically - is there a way to do it without hard-coding px margins/padding for each element?

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Wrrite vertical-align:middle; or vertical-align:top;. Write like this :

img, span , a{

Check this http://jsfiddle.net/bB9vV/

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<meta charset="utf-8">
<style type="text/css">
img, .divider{float:left;}
.up{margin-bottom:15px; float:left;}
<span class='up'>Hello [username]</span>
<span class="divider"></span>
<img src="/photo.jpg" />
<span class="divider"></span>
<a class='up' href="/logout">Logout</a>
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If I understand you correctly, I think you will want to change the line-height of the divider using CSS. Give the line-height a value equal to the height of your image. Then you will need to center the text.


EDIT You may also need to align your image. EXAMPLE use {vertical-align:middle;} for your image

More info here align image vertically

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