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I have a

String s = "text()=\"123\"]";

I tried

String[] strArray = s.split("text()="); // it gives me an exception.

But when I do

String[] strArray = s.split("="); // it works...

I am confused why this is happening?

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What does the exception say? –  SLaks Mar 4 '12 at 5:34

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The Java String.split(String) method accepts a Java regular expression as the first (and only) parameter.

The string = is a valid regular expression. If you wanted to split on test()=, you would need to use:

String[] strArray = s.split("test\\(\\)=");
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String#split(String) takes a regular expression. The string "text()=" contains parentheses, which have special meaning in regular expressions. Try escaping the parens:

String[] strArray = s.split("text\\(\\)=");
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This is because String.split() needs a valid regular expression; text()= is not a valid regular expression, while = is a valid regular expression.

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@downvoter Care to explain your vote, or perhaps point out what in your opinion might be wrong with my answer? –  dasblinkenlight Mar 4 '12 at 5:39

Consider this documentation from oracle -

The java string split() function accepts a regular expression. The parenthesis characters can be known as metacharacters which alter the way the string is split.

Regular Expressions -

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