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I just enabled logging using Log4js in my Node.js application. I have used the config option from https://github.com/nomiddlename/log4js-node and it's working fine.

It writes the logs in the log file, as well as in the console. I do not want this to be printed in the console. Not able to figure out how to configure this. awfully sorry to ask this silly question.

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In socket.io, you can set a custom logger. I tried assigning a log4js logger, but that caused an error. I suspect you (and I) will have to write a wrapper, which passes the logging call along to log4js.

Here is the code I ended up writing:

var LogWrapper = function() {
    this.logger = log4js.getLogger('socket.io');
LogWrapper.prototype.error = function() {
    this.logger.error.apply(this.logger, arguments);
LogWrapper.prototype.warn = function() {
    this.logger.warn.apply(this.logger, arguments);
LogWrapper.prototype.info = function() {
    this.logger.info.apply(this.logger, arguments);
LogWrapper.prototype.debug = function() {
    this.logger.debug.apply(this.logger, arguments);
io.set('logger', new LogWrapper());
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Use log4js.clearAppenders() before adding the appenders you want to use.

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I had this issue as well building a console-based utility. I wanted the utility to write its output to the console, but keep logs in a file. No matter how I tried, I couldn't seem to separate the two output buffers.

The solution was to add a category to the console appender in the log4js.configure call, like so:

var log4js = require('log4js'); 

  appenders: [
    { type: 'console', category: 'thiswillgotoconsole' },
    { type: 'file', filename: 'myLog.log', category: 'thiswillgotofile' }

var logger = log4js.getLogger('thiswillgotofile');

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