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The question is pretty much exactly what I want, lets say i have this text:

"{W}, {T}: Tap target creature."

I have to replace the {W} and the {T} for 2 tiny little images pretty much the same size of the 3 letters(in case {W} and {T})... Is that possible in some way?

Just to say, the TextView is inside a Listview...

the Position for {W} and {T} are not always the same...

the images are in my resource...

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Have a look at spans and the spannable interface, here is a small introduction. Especially check out that ImageSpan smiley example. –  user658042 Mar 4 '12 at 6:34

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The one workaround you can try is to place your TextView and ImageView inside a FrameLayout, one on top of the other. Now when you want to change them, just make one of them invisible and initialize the other. This will probably work. Hope this helps.

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Did you try the attribute drawableLeft of the text view? But since you have two images, you will have to use a single image file which consists of both {w}{t}. so you will have to put the images with all combinations of {w}{t} in your resources.

then use the following method in your code:

textView.setCompoundDrawables(leftDrawable, null, null, null);

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