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I have got a css menu over here, http://fitzwilliamcardclub.com/ and it is working just fine in all except IE7 (tested ok with FF, Chrome, Safari, IE8 & IE9, Opera). In IE7 the dropdown menu is hiding behind the main background as there is a small hint that the menu is expanded on the hover but it is going behind the main background starting just below the menu. I have been trying on this for more that three days now but it could not help with this and it is really frustrating. I tried almost all things what i could thought of, setting z-index of menu elements and of background etc. but it does not work. Can someone take a look at the site navigation menu at http://fitzwilliamcardclub.com/ and post a fix, if it possible at all. Thanks in Advance.

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Give #main a position:relative and set the menu li's to have a higher z-index than #main.

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For IE7, giving the parent element a higher z-index actual fixes the bug. I'd used such a fix on http://www.skinwerein.com/.

This might be helpful to you. http://brenelz.com/blog/squish-the-internet-explorer-z-index-bug/

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