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i am using jquery date picker for my client .. now for globalisation i have to localise the date picker control also . that is demonstrated on jquery site but i want as per our requirement i want to set come other values basis on the selected date & also i want to set innerHtml on a div with text "Today" if user selectes the current date i dont want to make it complex so
i need to get value of "Today" from 'currentText' value from the date picker regional settings in onSelect : function(dateText, inst){......}

is there any way to get regional settings from "inst" parameter of onSelect function
or any other method in whci i get the localised text for "Today" in call back method for the instance of the date picker that causes the call back

thanks for your help

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You can get any option value from a jQueryUI widget using following syntax:

$(selector).datepicker('option', 'optionMane');

this within any of the event callbacks will be the main element the widget is bound to.

In your case you would use:

onSelect: function( dateText, inst){
  alert( $(this).datepicker('option','currentText') );
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