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Here is an example:

       <td width="400px" id='myTD'></td>

here is the external code:

protected string GetHtml()
     return "<table><tr><td width="800px"></td></tr></table>";

Since the width of 'myTD' is smaller than the width of the external code the displayed code is getting out of the main table boundaries , I dont want the innerHTML of 'myTD' to make the main table wider. Suffice to say that as the external HTML code is given from outside I can't change it without ruin it as I'll never know which width or heights will be essential for the code and which wouldn't.

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With out seeing any code of yours, I can only say, you need to set either the width, height, or max-width, max-height CSS properties of your elements. –  Petah Mar 4 '12 at 11:16
The mechanism of what is happening is a bit unclear. Please explain more. And get rid of the px, or change the widths into inline styles. –  Mr Lister Mar 4 '12 at 12:36
I am trying to load the returned Value from GetHTML() to 'myID' innerHTML, but it widths the entire table as the innerHTML width is bigger than 'myTD' width. –  David Rasuli Mar 4 '12 at 13:21
OK, so what should happen? Should the rest of the content be hidden, or do you want a horizontal scrollbar to appear in your td? –  Mr Lister Mar 4 '12 at 14:45
Yes it is an option indeed, but all I know is i DONT want it to pass the boundaries of the main table as it does at my project, and this happens due to the fact that 'myID' width is 'X' (400px) and the width of the TD from the external code is >'X' (800px) –  David Rasuli Mar 4 '12 at 15:53

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This wasn't easy in a way that's compatible with all browsers, but I did come up with this.

<!DOCTYPE html>
   #myID {width:400px; overflow:scroll}
    <td><div id='myID'>

     <table><tr><td width="800"><hr style="width:792px"</td></tr></table>


(or as a jsFiddle). That is, by adding a new element inside your td that gets the scrollbars. Trying to apply overflow:scroll to a table cell doesn't work the same on all browsers.
Hope you can use this.

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