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I am working on a Spring MVC app. This application expects the client to send a XML in the request body. How can I extract this XML from the body and then create a DOM object? I am using Spring 3.0

Thanks Adi

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Using the @RequestBody annotation:

The @RequestBody method parameter annotation indicates that a method parameter should be bound to the value of the HTTP request body. For example:

@RequestMapping(value = "/something", method = RequestMethod.PUT)
public void handle(@RequestBody String body, Writer writer) throws IOException 

You convert the request body to the method argument by using an HttpMessageConverter. HttpMessageConverter is responsible for converting from the HTTP request message to an object and converting from an object to the HTTP response body. The RequestMappingHandlerAdapter supports the @RequestBody annotation with the following default HttpMessageConverters:

ByteArrayHttpMessageConverter converts byte arrays.

StringHttpMessageConverter converts strings.

FormHttpMessageConverter converts form data to/from a MultiValueMap<String, String>.

SourceHttpMessageConverter converts to/from a javax.xml.transform.Source.
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So the body argument will contain the XML? and I can just using SourceHttpMessageConverter to get the DOM out of it? – adi Mar 4 '12 at 15:52

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