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i am trying google map first time i got a some tutorial from From this site

where we can pin a location but it does not show pin a particular location on click the code is given below

public class GoogleActivity extends MapActivity 
    MapView mapView; 
    MapController mc;
    GeoPoint p;

class MapOverlay extends com.google.android.maps.Overlay

    public boolean draw(Canvas canvas, MapView mapView, 
    boolean shadow, long when) 
        super.draw(canvas, mapView, shadow);                   

        //---translate the GeoPoint to screen pixels---
        Point screenPts = new Point();
        mapView.getProjection().toPixels(p, screenPts);

        //---add the marker---
        Bitmap bmp = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(
            getResources(), R.drawable.ic_launcher);            
        canvas.drawBitmap(bmp, screenPts.x, screenPts.y-50, null);         
        return true;

/** Called when the activity is first created. */
public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 

    mapView = (MapView) findViewById(R.id.mapView);
    LinearLayout zoomLayout = (LinearLayout)findViewById(R.id.zoom);  
    View zoomView = mapView.getZoomControls(); 

        new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(

    mc = mapView.getController();
    String coordinates[] = {"1.352566007", "103.78921587"};
    double lat = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[0]);
    double lng = Double.parseDouble(coordinates[1]);

    p = new GeoPoint(
        (int) (lat * 1E6), 
        (int) (lng * 1E6));


     //---Add a location marker---
     MapOverlay mapOverlay = new MapOverlay();
     List<Overlay> listOfOverlays = mapView.getOverlays();


protected boolean isRouteDisplayed() {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    return false;

now what i need is that i want to pin a location when i chick a particular location. How can i implement a click event in google map

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THe MapOverlay class has an onTap() method you can override. It will be called when you tab on the map and a GeoPoint object will be passed as a parameter describing the location that was taped.

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can you please more specific? –  Ramz Mar 4 '12 at 12:18
You wanted to know how to react to a click on the map so you can draw a marker on the map at the position the user clicked? Correct? So you can override the onTab() method of you Overlay class. This method will be called when a user click or tab on the map. –  Flo Mar 4 '12 at 14:06
thank you!!!!!!! –  Ramz Mar 5 '12 at 6:05

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