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I've been looking for differences between the two Indigo versions, but I wasn't able to find a clear and concise answer. I know the important differences between Indigo and Indigo SR1, like Java 7 support. But I can't figure out differences between SR1 and SR2. Can someone help me ? thanx, William.

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Eclipse Indigo SR2 - also known as Eclipse 3.7.2 - is primary a bug fix release from SR1, so there should be no major changes. Most notably, SR2 should be completely backwards compatible with SR1. But you can always look at the official release note for Eclipse Classic 3.7.2 - at the bottom, you can find the bugs fixed in the release.

There are no explicit release notes for the various packaged editions of Eclipse (EPP), but you can get a very good idea about the changes by searching bugzilla for the EPP project. E.g. all the changes in the RCP/RAP edition is found here. By playing a little with the search criteria - especially the target milestone - you can find the changes relevant for a specific release.

Arjan Tijms also listed some of the important changes in his blog.

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