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i have a method in a controller that works on a user input and there are several if/else cases based on the input and for each case there are some logic, and i want to document this method for future reference for any developer who will work on it for a bug fix or improvement.

  1. What kind of UML diagram should i use in this case ?, please provide reference.
  2. What is the content of technical document should be, or a UML diagram will be enough ?
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Sounds like the first thing you want to do is look at the design. A lot of ifs with logic in the body can usually be made more readable by at least moving the bodies to separate methods (and document those) preferably also refactoring to lower the cyclomatic complexity –  Rune FS Mar 5 '12 at 14:28

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You can have multiple solutions; here is my suggestion in two ways (levels) that can be used complementary to each other.

1- (code level) consider literate programming to turn your code into a self-documented one. you can also try pseudocode to explain the high-level algorithm.

2- (UML diagrams) you can use the activity diagram to show the main and most complex parts of the method - you can draw a big picture and/or detail as much as you want the steps. you can use other diagrams for specific cases, for instance the state diagram if you have a complex state control algorithm. sequence diagram helps too, but its size can make it a problem.

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