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I have an array called $users (below), that i would like to print first_name and last_name together.

    [first_name] => Array
            [0] => John
            [1] => Tom

    [last_name] => Array
            [0] => McDonald
            [1] => Terry


I used foreach loop but the problem is, the foreach loop print:

foreach ($users['first_name'] as $key => $first_name) {
    foreach ($users['last_name'] as $key => $last_name) {
        echo "$first_name ";
        echo "$last_name<br />";




John McDonald --> that's what I want
John Terry --> I don't want this
Tom McDonald --> I don't want this
Tom Terry --> That's what I want

I put a break inside my foreach loop and again I don't get the right result I want.

Note: I know how to solve this issue by using for loop but since the number of users change inside my database, I wouldn't know how many for loop counts I need, unless I count the number of rows in array and make the for loop analysis based on that. But i am not looking to use for loop, does any one know a better way to do this?

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As long as you use the value of $key, you don't need to predetermine the count, and indeed you don't even need an inner loop.

foreach ($users['first_name'] as $key => $first_name) {
  // no inner loop needed.
  // Use $key to retrieve the associated last_name
  echo "$first_name {$users['last_name'][$key]}\n";

// Output:
// John McDonald
// Tom Terry
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