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I am creating a custom C# control derived from UserControl. This makes calls to unmanaged DLLs. I need to add exception handling in for to catch DLL not found and entry point not found on the DLLs, i.e something like:

 try {
     // Call the unmanaged function
  catch(DllNotFoundException e) {
     // Fire DLL not found event
  catch(EntryPointNotFoundException e) {
     // Fire Entry pot not found event

Of course this is going to make my code a mess so I was thinking it would be a better idea to create a generic exception handler that caught these exceptions and handled them. I was considering using Application.ThreadException but I think this is just for a complete Windows Forms application, is there some method I can use that would just capture the exceptions within my control?

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See stackoverflow.com/a/9526363/76337 –  John Saunders Mar 4 '12 at 15:42
Why are you trying to convert exceptions to events? You should probably just let the exception bubble up, there's nothing you can do to fix it. –  svick Mar 4 '12 at 16:10

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