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I am exporting objects in serializable form to the directory containing the src, build files. there are groups which share the start of their filenames, e.g.

lounge - 1,0
lounge - 2,4
dining room - 3,5
dining room - 4,6
dining room 5,2

I need to make an array list of all the groups so in this case an array containing lounge and dining room. Can anybody help?

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There is the method File.list(), which will give you a list of all file names in a directory. Loop through this list, and extract the prefixes from each file name, put them into a set.

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new File(dir).list() returns array that contains all files in the directory. Then you can iterate over the array and check something like: file.getName().startsWith().

You can also use FileFilter when calling list() but it will require calling list for each file group separately.

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Thanks. is there a way to get access to the files in the main java directory without typing out a specified path? only I'd like to keep this platform independent... – oli.burgess Mar 4 '12 at 15:00
You can use new File("./src").list(); for example, to get the contents of the /src directory. – Richard Inglis Mar 4 '12 at 15:06

You can get a list of files using File.list(), then generate a list of unique prefixes by adding the names to a HashSet, something like this:

String[] fileList = new File("./src").list();
HashSet hset = new HashSet();
for(String s : fileList){
  hset.add(s.substring(0,s.length()-6));// assumes all names follow this pattern...
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