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I read through the similar question here, it's really helpful but old (question answered in 2009, 3 years ago). I want to get an idea of the ratio for now, especially for the web application development.

For web application commercial companies, there is one independent QA department in most cases. Is it necessary that we should have less QA resource than developers, e.g. the ratio 1:2 (QA vs Dev)? Or, like google's 1:10 ratio (Correct me if this ratio is wrong. I get this from my memory.)

In our company, we have a new CTO. His strongest point, or idea, is we should have less QA resources. But I don't agree with him on this. Following items are from my perspective.

  • We're working on a project, where a lot of people come in and went out. Most codes are too old, too complex for new developer to maintain.
  • Because of the complex codes, any new feature or bug fixing may introduce new issues.
  • QAs are working on both new feature testing and automation tasks. My two cents, this will also cost as much as developers.

For most open source development, I rarely hear the QA works in the project. Go through the projects in Github, most works are done by developers. Very fantasy!

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