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I have a collection of numerous icons, png files and other graphics data stored on a Icons folder in my secondary hard disk.
When I need a new resource I double click on the resource.resx file and add the new one via 'Add Existing file".
However each time I use this menu, it opens a browse window initially located at C:\Windows\System32. So, each time, I need to go to my Icons folder. Is there a way to 'teach' Visual Studio how to remember the last folder opened? (Macro? Addin?)

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Just curious. Downvoter, what have you found wrong in my question after 9 months? – Steve Dec 26 '12 at 21:24
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This has annoyed me for quite some time, and just found this via a Google search. I voted it up, but per Microsoft's response on the bug page, it's unlikely it will ever get fixed(it might take all of 5 minutes, after all)...

Anyways, I did find a suitable work-around for my scenario that I wanted to share! Simply use Explorer to navigate to the path with your resources(icons, pngs, etc.) and drag/drop them into the resource list in VS2010. This is actually faster for me, as I have PNG's and an icon for each graphic I add, and this way I can add both with one step, instead of switching between the 'icon' resource section and the 'images' resource section, clicking 'Add Resource'->Existing->find path->select, etc... Hopefully this saves someone considerable time, as it's saved me.

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Why I have not seen your answer? OK I have just reached your same approach all by myself, but I accept your answer – Steve May 31 '12 at 9:01
Link to bug report at Microsoft. – Martin Dec 30 '13 at 10:51

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