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I'm looking for a good non-interactive, command line FTP client to be run from a Rakefile. Like Weex, but better. Weex has different problems (for me):

  • It stores its config file in my home dir. I want the FTP config to be part of my project and weex doesn't have a --config-file option or something.
  • The behavior of ignoring files seems to be completely buggy. It doesn't remove files which it should, it doesn't let me specify relative paths, even though I do it according to the man page's instructions, etc. I've been struggling with it for an hour now and it is just completely inexplicable.

I tried running rsync over FTPFS/FUSE, but that is dead slow because FTP doesn't store mtimes, which makes rsync diff every file. Plus, there are some refresh problems and other bugs that cause access failure (

I'm stuck with FTP, unfortunately. Any help is appreciated.

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Man, if they could just add ftp protocol to rsync, I would be soooo happy. – Edward Falk Feb 8 at 18:12

Perhaps something from the ncftp suite ( This has the ability to specify a config file of your choice and tools to operate non-interactively (ncftpget/ncftpput).

It doesn't appear to have ignore functionality, but hopefully this was helpful to you..

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I've used lftp in the past with good results. It's installed by default in many distributions and offers pretty sophisticated functionality (including a couple ways to exclude files).

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try sitecopy:

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The trouble with lftp is that it is very slow for mirroring--which I suppose you want to do since you have been using weex.

Unfortunately, both weex and sitecopy have very limited proxy handling, so if you need to go through a HTTP proxy, lftp may still be your best bet.

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