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debug help - swap 2 nodes of double link list

I'm trying to write an algorithm that can swap two nodes in a singly linkedlist in C++. Here's what i have so far:

void swap(ListNode *node1, ListNode *node2)
    ListNode *prev1 = head;
    ListNode *prev2 = head;

    //Search previous node for node1:
    while(prev1->next!=node1 || prev1 != node1)
        prev1 = prev1->getNext();

    //Search previous node for node2:
    while(prev2->next!=node2 || prev2 != node2)
        prev2 = prev2->getNext();

    {  //This means node1 == prev2?
        tail = node1;
        node1->next = NULL;
        head = node2;
        node2->next = node1;
    else if(node2->next==node1)
    {  // node2 == prev1
        tail = node2; 
        node2->next = NULL;
        head = node1;
        node1->next = node2;
    if(node1->next == NULL)
    {   //node1 is last
        node1->next = node2->next;
        tail = node2;
        node2->next = NULL;
        prev1->next = node2;
        prev2->next = node1;

But I realized the number of different cases I can get, like if there LL was only two elements, or if they gave us node 2 before node 1, etc etc. I realized it can't be this complicated and ugly. So how do you write an algorithm to swap two nodes?

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Doing the whole task in one routine is wrong. Break it down into two simpler problems:

1) Remove a node from a list, including all special cases. 2) Insert a node in a list, including all special cases.

From there, the overall problem is easy, but since this is obviously homework, you're on your own.

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#include <stdio.h>

struct llist {
        struct llist *next;
        char *payload;
        } llists[]=
{{ llists+1, "one"}
,{ llists+2, "two"}
,{ llists+3, "three"}
,{ llists+4, "four"}
,{ llists+5, "five"}
,{ llists+6, "six"}
,{ llists+7, "seven"}
,{ llists+8, "eight"}
,{ llists+9, "nine"}
,{ NULL, "ten"}

struct llist *head = llists;

void llistswap(struct llist *one, struct llist * two)
struct llist **hnd, **h1, **h2;

h1 = h2 = NULL;

for (hnd= &head; *hnd; hnd = &(*hnd)->next) {
    struct llist *tmp;
    if ((*hnd) == one) h1 = hnd;
    else if ((*hnd) == two) h2 = hnd;
    else continue;
    if (!h1 || !h2) continue;

    tmp =  *h1;
    *h1 = *h2;
    *h2 = tmp;

    tmp = (*h1)->next;
    (*h1)->next = (*h2)->next;
    (*h2)->next =  tmp;

void do_print(struct llist *lp)
for ( ; lp; lp = lp->next) {
    printf("%s%c", lp->payload, (lp->next) ?',' : '\n' );

int main(void)
do_print (head);
llistswap ( llists+4, llists+7);
do_print (head);

return 0;
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OP asks about a doubly-linked list, not single. And this code is not self-explanatory enough to warrant having no description whatsoever. –  tenfour Mar 4 '12 at 16:25
Well, it is homework anyway, so adding the updates to the backpointers (while we're at it) seems trivial. –  wildplasser Mar 4 '12 at 16:28
BTW: both the title and the question don't mention double linked lists, nor ->prev pointers. (there are some variables called prev[12], but these seem to serve another purpose) –  wildplasser Mar 4 '12 at 16:43
@tenfour where does the question mention double or prev? The first line of the actual question does mention single though. Maybe you rushed into the comment and the vote to close... –  David Rodríguez - dribeas Mar 4 '12 at 16:51
true; i seem to be blind or got confused with another question. my bad. –  tenfour Mar 4 '12 at 17:16

This seems cleaner to me:

//Maybe this function should go instide ListNode itself...

ListNode *prev(ListNode *node) {

    if (node == head)
        return null;

    ListNode *search = head;

    while (search != node)
       search = search->getNext();

    return search;

void swap(ListNode *node1, ListNode *node2)
    ListNode *prev1 = prev(node1), 
             *prev2 = prev(node2),
             *next1 = node1->getNext(),
             *next2 = node2->getNext();

    if (prev1)
        prev1->next = node2;
        head = node2;

    if (prev2)
        prev2->next = node1;
        head = node1;

    if (!next1)
        tail = node2;
    else if (!next2)
        tail = node1;

    node1->next = next2;
    node2->next = next1;

Haven't tested this ofc...

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