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I am trying to set up a cakePHP blog. Following the steps at:


but when I get to the stage of creating 'article.ctp' in order to view the 'Read More' part of the blog. I get the following error messages:

Notice (8): Undefined index: id = 1 [CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php, line 2519]

Notice (8): Undefined index: id = 1 [CORE/Cake/Model/Model.php, line 2495]

Notice (8): Undefined variable: articles [APP/View/Blog/article.ctp, line 1]

Sadly this is hosted on my test server locally in MAMP so I can't show you the live error I am getting. But just thought id check and see if anyone has had similar issues with this (I believe its a common beginner tutorial for learning to use cakePHP)

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That's an ancient tutorial, try out the cakephp 2.x blog tutorial from the official site:


And your error is quite simple, the variable $articles does not exist in your view, so you haven't set the variable in your controller with $this->set('articles', 'value');

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Thanks man, I did come across a few errors in that tutorial but managed to correct them. Hopefully your tutorial works better for me :) –  NATHAN C Mar 4 '12 at 17:04
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