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I have troubles debugging my Java applet. The applet enables the user to open another instance of the applet (with different arguments, of course) in another browser window/tab.

How can I debug an applet with the above behavior? I debug the "main" applet from eclipse, but the code that creates the "new window" is in JavaScript. Can I create a new applet instance and run it in my code?


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"the code that creates the "new window" is in JavaScript." Why? Don't get me wrong, applet/JS interaction can be very handy, but I don't see the need for it here. Use showDocument(urlToOtherApplet, "_blank");, also, I don't see why it is necessary to load a new page or instance of the applet just to configure it with new parameters, it should be able to reconfigure on-the-fly. –  Andrew Thompson Mar 4 '12 at 18:08

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