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I have submited a App but is not certified because this:

"This application uses the Location Service API to determine a user's location and show them events taking place nearby however, it does not appear to contain a privacy policy that is accessible to users explaining how the application uses the Location Service API."

And what i want to do is something like this

enter image description here

When user clicks in Policty Statement open a new window with settings page with my app location policies.

Can anyone help me? How can i add a link like in image?


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You can navigate to a page using the Hyperlink control

  <Hyperlink NavigateUri="/PrivacyPage.xaml" 
             TargetName="_blank">Privacy Statement</Hyperlink>

See MSDN for more info

I don't think you can put a hyperlink in a call to MessageBox.Show() though so you have to create your own Messagebox-like page. The first time the app is launched you direct the user to your message page. E.g. using this in MainPage.xaml

    NavigationContext.Navigate(new Uri("/MessagePage.xaml", UriKind.Relative));
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