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I am trying to modify an existing extension (readability) for Chrome. Right now when you save a page with readability it does not close the tab afterwards.

The code in the extension calls a script hosted on their server:

(function(){'/bookmarklet/save.js'); }());

I then modified it to add code to remove the current tab, but even if I remove their call I cannot get it to work.

I changed the code to look like this:

(function(){'/bookmarklet/save.js'); chrome.tabs.getSelected( null, function(tab) { chrome.tabs.remove(; return true; }); }());

But it doesn't close the tab or use their function properly. I tried my close tab code alone in the function without their call and it didn't close the tab.

Is there a way to modify their call to close the tab after it does their script to bookmark the page?

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I wouldn't use chromchrome.tabs.getSelected anymore as it has recently been deprecated. It's recommend that you use chrome.tabs.getCurrent and/or chrome.tabs.query instead. However, it's also worth mentioning that both of these methods require the tabs permission.

Without looking at the readability extension myself it's hard to determine why your code wasn't being called but I suggest you add debug (e.g. console.log('foo')) statements to the code in order to determine why that code isn't being reached.

Finally, ensure you are following the correct debugging/development procedures so that you can test your changes easier.

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chrome.tabs.getCurrent(function(tab) {
    chrome.tabs.remove(, function(){});
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