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I have the following snippet in a Django view to render memcache stats:

import datetime, re, memcache
host = memcache._Host(settings.CACHES['default']['LOCATION'])
output = ''
while 1:
    line = host.readline()
    if line[0] == "END":
    output += line + "\n"
return output

When I try this out, I get a timeout on the readline() statement.

Trying out this code via manage.py shell works fine, however.

It works in the view if I use this snippet instead:

p2 = subprocess.Popen(["echo \"stats\" | nc " + settings.CACHES['default']['LOCATION'].replace(':', ' ')], stdout = subprocess.PIPE, shell=True)
return p2.stdout.read()

I can just ignore the timeout for the previous code and use the subprocess method, but I'm really interested in knowing what could be wrong. Anyone ever run into this issue?

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Nevermind, it should read:

if line.strip() == "END":

end not:

if line[0] == "END":
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