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It seems as though there is a bug either in Razor or in MVC. Given the following code:

@* This is necessary to get the jQuery intellisense.  It won't be rendered to the HTML *@
@if (false) { <script src="../../Scripts/jquery-1.7.1-vsdoc.js" type="text/javascript"></script> }

$().   <- This has intellisense

@* Comment *@
$().   <- This does not have intellisense

As you can see, anything after a Razor comment does not have the jQuery intellisense. In the errors window in VS2010, I get the message "Javascript Intellisense Message: C:\Src\CSUService\CSUService\Scripts\jquery-1.7.1-vsdoc.js(68:48) : 'rootjQuery' is undefined"

Does anybody know a way around this?

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Don't use Razor markup in script blocks; it breaks IntelliSense –  SLaks Mar 4 '12 at 20:34
This is neither a Razor or MVC issue, it's a visual studio editor issue. Intelisense is part of the editor window, and it's easily confused. Call it a bug if you like, but Intelisense is already a highly complex system, and such bugs are going to exist. –  Erik Funkenbusch Mar 4 '12 at 21:08

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