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I need to parse name and email address from a string of type
Ansh Aryan <ansharyan@mailinator.com>

Need a regex to be used in javascript for this purpose so that i get
name= Ansh Aryan
email = ansharyan@mailinator.com

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You can use the following regex:


Of course, if some deviation from that pattern should be allowed, you'll have to tweak it to reflect it, but if not then it'll be fine.

Some brief explanation of the regex:

  • ([^<]+): Match and capture anything until a < symbol is found.
  • \s: Match but don't capture a single space token, which could be a space, a tab, or whatever.
  • <(.*)>: Match the <...> and capture what is inside it.

This will yield an array of matches, where matches[0] should be all the input, matches[1] the name, and matches[2] the email you are looking for.

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Thanx man. Worked :) –  Ansh Mar 4 '12 at 21:04
Just a little improvement: /(.*[^\s*<])?\s*<(.*)>/; allows for cases such as: Test <a@b.com>, Test<a@b.com>, <a@b.com>, etc. –  designcise Jul 27 '14 at 18:01

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